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The Wall Street Journal, 23 february 1999
Computer Industry Focus Shifts To Market For Servers
"The real battle is not over PC's, but over servers such as
AS/400, demand for which has exploded, particularly with the rise of the Internet."


PC Week, 15 february 1999
"AS/400 is so hot it glows in the dark with its internet and intranet support.
The AS/400 is to be commended for its reliability, price/performance and present day path to the 64-bit future. It deserves thorough evaluation by everyone".


Internet Week, 8 february 1999
"The new AS/400 7XX line could steal some NT customers with features that NT simply doensn't offer yet. The product introduction gives AS/400 a "boost" and "adds functionality" said Laurie McCabe, Summit Strategies. AS/400 is "becomming more attractive to users who have become frustrated with Windows NT's unreliability and lack of scalability.There are more chinks in NT armor than there were a couple of years ago. There is opportunity for AS/400 to go in and complete".


DH Brown Report, 18 february 1999
"This report examines two leading server environment, Microsoft NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition and IBM's AS/400 V4R3 in terms of their ability to meet enterprise computing requirements. Traditional IT users who place strong emphasis on transaction processing and scheduled batch operations will find that even the most advanced versions of Windows NT fall short of the AS/400 in meeting their demands. Moreover, key AS/400 strengths in terms od reliability, scalability and remote managebility make the system a competative alternative even for more contemporary computing tasks based on Internet connectivity and client/server computing"


Gartner Group Report
The october 1998 Gartner Group report highlighted AS/400 availability as being 43 times higher than Windows NT and 4.5 times higher than UNIX. This translates into a crucial benefit for those running mission critical applications.

Availability Ranges for Top IT Platforms

 Platform  Outages/ Server/ Year  Availability
 (24x365 basis)
IBM S/390 (Sysplexed) 10 Minutes 99.998%
Tandem 1.7 Hours 99.98
IBM AS/400 5.2 Hours 99.94%
IBM S/390 (Non-sysplexed) 8.9 Hours 99.90%
VAX 18.9 Hours 99.78%
UNIX (all) 23.6 Hours 99.73%
NT Server 224.5 Hours 97.44%

Gartner Measurement Analysis of 240 observations from 190 firms

  • Un-scheduled downtime
  • Except for S/390, clustered systems are not separated
  • On average less than 10% of the installations studied implemented clustering
  • Vax - 50% of these installations have clustered servers
Source: GartnerGroup


META Group

Meta Group Report
In autumn 1998 Meta Group publisched a study comparing SAP R/3 implemetation times on AS/400,UNIX and Windows NT servers. Their conclusion was that SAP R/3 installed on AS/400 in ONE THIRD the time of Windows NT and UNIX, again delivering significant business benefits to customers. SAP implementation: You can deploy AS/400 3 times faster than Windows NT or UNIX


IDC Report
In January of this year IDC published their most recent cost of ownership analysis. This new report concludes that the AS/400e is 61% less expensive to operate than Windows NT and 41% less than UNIX-based solutions.
This translates into a $2M dollar annual saving for businesses supporting 1,000 users! This is significant news or customers focusing on lower infrastructure costs.


Computerworld, 15 february 1999
Windows 2000's dirty secret: Most Applications Must Be Rebuilt. "The mostly new code in Windows 2000 makes it such a different beast than its NT 4.0 predecessor that corporate developers better brace themselves: Most of their existing applications will have to be rebuilt."
The title says it all, and this article does NOT even address the 64-bit migration problem still ahead. The Windows 2000 rewrite only attempts to address the major architectural problems in Windows NT 4.0. Does your customer or developer really want to rewrite the applications? The AS/400 made the full 64-bit transition in 1995 and NO application has ever had to be rewritten.


Zona Research Report
In January 1999 a Zona Research paper"In search of a Secure E-Commerce Platform" reported that "Although not all security violations are reported one indication of the permeability of a given operating system is the volume and the frequency of reported security flaws. An organisation called CERT which is funded by government grants and maintained by Carnegie Mellon Universaty actively maintains a Web page detailing known security flaws.... These reports cover Windows NT Server, Solaris, and other UNIX like operating systems, but to date there are NO similar reports for IBM's AS/400." In preparing the report Zona Research tried to find problems with AS/400 security. After scanning the web, talking to security experts, and talking with customers they came up empty. AS/400 security is a significant competitive advantage.

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